June 24, 2024

Sheet metal deburring machine

If you’re owning a business in the industrial finishing and cutting equipment, you certainly have come across the burring problem. Burrs are spike nodes on the surface of your machinery parts and can cause real damage when not removed. They are caused by daily wear and tear of smooth machinery parts. The sharp metal spikes can cause a lot of damage to your machinery parts, and even have a negative effect on your production line and the quality of your products over time. Maybe you’ve experienced these problems already and an investment in a sheet metal deburring machine has crossed your mind already.


If you haven’t made that investment already, now is the time. At Q-fin we are very aware of the problems caused by burring and that’s why we worked with experts developing deburring machines. A small investment in one of our outstanding deburring machines will prevent burred surfaces of your machinery parts in the future. You will have yourself a daily smooth production line with high quality products. At Q-fin we’re offering an impressive amount of different deburring machines. For example, there are both automatic and manual versions. Please contact the Q-fin team and let us advice you about the best suitable machine for your company.